University of Cincinnati

It was September 21, 2010. I was fighting feelings of fear and excitement and everything in between. Feeling like the luckiest 18-year-old in the world, I walked into French Hall and began my first day of college at the “Hottest College In America.” Little did I know that day, that it would change my life in more ways than I would have ever imagined. Given that I am a Communication major, I am required to take certain Communication requirements. That quarter, I enrolled in a course called “Intro to Interpersonal Communication.” This course is the reason I knew I was going into the right field. My professor, Evan Griffin, is the best professor I have had in my 3 years of college. He enjoys what he does and he makes the classroom experience a blast. I noticed that people actually showed up for lecture every week, whereas in some of my other courses I was taking that quarter, people were starting to disappear. Outside of my courses, however, I was struggling. Although I strived to have freedom from my parents, I wasn’t adjusting as well as I imagined I would have. I was incredibly homesick. So homesick, in fact, that I moved back home after the fall quarter ended, and transferred to community college. 3 years later, I realize how much I miss being at the University of Cincinnati and I have decided to return for my senior year. I took it for granted when I was there the first time. For those of you that are homesick in college, I hope you can stick it out for at least a year because I am confident in saying this: it will make you stronger and you might end up loving it. Don’t take your college years for granted. Take every opportunity when it arises and do everything you dream of doing as soon as possible, because once you get older, you can’t get those years back.



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