Food for Thought

Although there are a million tragedies going on in our world each and every day, it is important to see the beauty that life gives us. Look around you for a moment. What do you see? I see family, trees, neighbors, the beautiful blue sky, and all of these things are astonishingly beautiful. All too often, we get lost in money and greed and hatred, and we forget the things that truly matter: the simple fact that we are alive today, that we have people who love us, that we can all achieve absolute greatness. These three facts alone should be a reason to smile, and I’m sure many of us have a thousand more reasons to smile. So, all I ask of you each day, is that you find one reason to smile a day. Even if it is the same reason, if you have a reason to smile everyday, you should be able to start your day out great. If a problem arises throughout your day, no matter how big or small, keeping a smile on your face in addition to having a positive and uplifting attitude, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. And that, my friends, is a greater feeling than just about anything else. 


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