Risky Love Business

There are some risks that you must will yourself to take. Love is the greatest of those risks. You hear all about how love is phenomenal or terrifying and it’s both of those things. You could be at your highest point, and the next second you could be wishing to rip your bleeding heart from your corpse and bury it and all the secrets attached to it, but that’s love. It’s painfully beautiful; beautifully painful. It’s the part of life that is inevitable, and you’re going to experience heartbreak that is going to leave you feeling like survival is not a choice, but you’ll cry and cry and cry, then you’ll struggle off the ground, smile and move the hell on. For some it takes days, others weeks or months, and the most sensitive may take years. You won’t forget or even let completely let go, but you will find a love greater. The people that don’t agree with this are not letting themselves love greater.


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