Looking to the future…

I’m 21, which is an age that most people consider very young and naive, even though it is the beginning of true, physical adulthood. I’m 21, and I know who I want to be standing next to when I’m 80 years old, who I want to spend every morning waking up next to, who I want to experience all of my craziest and wildest dreams with. This is the scariest and the single most amazing feeling in the world. Scary because thinking about the future terrifies me. I grew up from a broken home, an unorthodox fairy tale. I think about how the relationships around me shattered and it terrifies me, but it also makes me confident. I’m confident in saying that I will not make the same mistakes, regrets, and errors in judgement after I say “I Do.” This is also the most liberating feeling as well because when this happens, I will spend the rest of my life with my best friend and the one that completes me. And that’s how it should be. I look into his eyes and I see hope, life, love, and suddenly butterflies flutter hopelessly about in my stomach. And in this moment, the shocking realization hits me: this is how love should be, it’s what people spend their whole lives’ waiting for and dreaming about, and I have found it. In him.


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