It’s Not Goodbye. It’s See You Soon.

Well, soon I won’t be able to call you family. Not technically. But you’ll always be family. You’ll always be the ones that were my rock when life wasn’t my biggest fan. The people that believed in me even when it wasn’t expected of you. I’ve learned so much from you guys, and I grew up with you. From the time I was 9 till now, you were family. That’s all being taken away from me now. And I know I’ll still speak with you, but it’ll be different. I’m worried the hello’s won’t be as welcoming, although I bet they’ll be even more so. I’m worried we’ll lose touch because we won’t see each other every holiday and every small family get-together. And when I look back, all those amazing memories, or at least most, will be in the past. It breaks my heart, and knowing that she is playing the blame game on him doesn’t make it any easier. My life is being completely turned around-in the worst possible way. I hope I still can come to you when my life gets rough, and I hope that the advice will keep coming, because as far as I’m concerned, you’re still family. You’re still that rock, and you’re still the good memories, and you’re still the support through the good, bad, and ugly. I appreciate you, and I love you.


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