Tyler Ward

In our lives, we all have people that inspire us, change us for the better, make us see our life in a new light. Two years ago, my best friend sent me a video of a guy named Tyler Ward, a youtube artist. Needless to say, when I listened to it, I was absolutely blown away. This amazing man: he is so beautiful, his voice, everything about him. I can’t even begin to describe it. I was instantly hooked to his covers and originals, and I knew that this artist would be very hard to forget. Last year, I tried and failed to get tickets to his show, and I was absolutely crushed. Many people in my life do not know who this man is, and I sincerely believe that these people are missing out on the next big thing. I don’t think anybody really understands how much of an inspiration Tyler Ward is to me. He helped me through his music with things that I didn’t think I could ever get through, including a horrible breakup. His voice just really inspired me and I realized that I was strong enough to get through some of the most horrible things if I just kept doing the things I loved and following my dreams.


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